Andreas Paparousos

Andreas Paparrousos was born in Athens in 1975. He has studied Philosophy at the University of Athens and at the same time Composition, Harmony, Counterpoint and Fuge with Ioannis. He also had piano lessons with Anastasia Parissi, Claudia Birkholz and church organ lessons with Christos Paraskevopoulos. In 2002 he recieved his Diploma in Philosophy and in 2005 his Master in Systematic Philosophy. From 2005 he continued his studies in Composition with Younghi Pagh-Paan at the music University in Bremen. 

He is a member of the „Enargia“ group in Athens and initiator of the Ensemble New Babylon in Bremen. 

His works has been performed among others by  „Ensemble Recherche “ and from interpreters such as  Zsigmond Szathmary and Margit Kern, and in countries such as Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Canada

His compositions are focused at the ancient greek theory of „ethos“ in the music and how the sound can possibly affect at a maximum level the whole entity of the listener.

Today he lives and works as a composer in Bremen.